International Degree Equivalents

Country Bachelors Degree Equivalent
Algeria Diplôme d'Etat d'Ingénieur/d'Architecture, Maîtrise, Magister
Bahrain Bachelors degree
Bangladesh Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Engineering (from BUET), Master of Engineering and Master of Science (Engineering)
Botswana Masters degree
Burma Technical Institute Diploma (three years)
Canada Bachelors degree (Honours)/Baccalaureat de Type Honours, Diploma in Honours Standing
China Bachelors degree
Gaza Strip Masters degree
Ghana Bachelors degree
Hong Kong Bachelors degree (Honours)
Iceland Baccalaurreatus degree
India Bachelor of Arts/Science (Honours/Special degree) when awarded from a central university or a recognised state university, Bachelor of Education (four year integrated programme), Bachelor of Engineering/Technology (when awarded from an institute of national importance, centre of advanced study, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore)
Israel Bachelors degree
Japan Bachelors degree (Gakushi)
Jordan Bachelors degree (with an overall score of 'Good' or above)
Kenya Bachelors degree
Lebanon Bachelors degree (from the American University of Beirut), Diploma of Higher Studies/Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures, Masters degree/Maîtrise
Libya Bachelors degree in Architecture, Engineering or Medicine (from a university), Higher diploma, Masters degree
Malawi Masters degree
Malaysia Bachelors degree
Morocco Certificat d'Etudes Approfondies
Nepal Masters degree
New Zealand Bachelors (Honours) degree
Nigeria Bachelors degree
Oman Bachelors degree
Pakistan Bachelor of Engineering/Science in Engineering, Masters degree (two year) in professional fields, Master of Philosophy degree
Qatar Bachelors degree
Russian Federation Specialist diploma (completed after 1991) / Magistr
Saudi Arabia Bachelors degree
Singapore Bachelors degree (from public universites)
South Africa Bachelors (Honours) degree, Bachelors degree in Technology (BTech)
South Korea Bachelors (Haksa) degree
Sri Lanka Bachelors Special degree, Professional degree
Syria Masters degree
Taiwan Bachelors degree
Tanzania Bachelors degree
Thailand Masters degree
Tunisia Maîtrise
Turkey Lisans Diplomasi
Uganda Bachelors degree
Ukraine Dyplom Bakalavra (Bachelors degree from 2005), Specialist diploma (from 1991)
United Arab Emirates Bachelors degree
United States of America Bachelors degree
West Bank Masters degree
Yemen Masters degree
Zambia Masters degree
Zimbabwe Bachelors degree
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